3 minutes is all you need

Dear Tunester,

Today I offer you a 3 minute activity that will increase your baby’s well being and will be enjoyable for you both. Its a win win. Let’s get to it.

2022 has begun! 

Remember how last week we talked about the only parenting resolution you need to have?

It was doing what you actually ENJOY with your baby. And believe it or not, that’s what will benefit your baby’s cognitive, emotional and social development the most.

Today I want to give you an idea for exactly HOW to enjoy your time with your baby.

And the surprising part – You need to do almost nothing.


Over the years I’ve learned that one of the biggest reasons you come to our classes and read my blog is to learn how to be more present with your baby.

When we do it right we find the joy that we are craving amidst the exhaustion and endless diaper changes.

So in this first week of 2022 I want to give you a very simple exercise to do TODAY.

It only takes 3 minutes and the reward is HUGE.

It’s unrealistic to think you can (or should) be present with your baby all day. Impossible! You’ve got a million things to do, you haven’t slept a full night in weeks (months?), you need YOU time, and being with a baby is not always interesting or fun.

But if you can find 3 minutes a day to put all your to-dos on the shelf and be with your baby fully, you’ll feel like you won at your day.


3 minute activity to ENJOY your baby


(i’ll also be posting a short video guiding you through this on Instagram so be sure to follow me there.)

1. Pick the right time

Find a moment when your baby is content – they aren’t hungry or tired, rather they’re perfectly happy to play and explore.

2. Get into position

Try to have your gaze next to theirs. Are they lying down on the floor? Get down on the floor with them. Are they sitting? Sit low so your head is in line with theirs. Are they walking around? Crouch down to their level.

3. Be curious

Your main questions should be – How does the world look and feel for my baby? The answer lies in your asking many questions – What is my baby looking at? Are they holding something? Are they moving around? What is their path? Are they gazing out the window? At what? Are they looking at you? Are they exploring a toy? 

4. Notice your baby’s preferences

Get even more curious about your baby’s interests – Ask yourself specifics like -what part of the toy do they want to explore? What exactly draws their attention outside? Is it the movement of the leaves? What sound just pulled their attention away? 

5. Experience with your baby

When your baby plays with a toy, or looks around, they seem as if they are in a state of flow. They are completely focused on a task, they are working to understand.

Let yourself get lost in their investigation of the world. Let them teach you how to truly examine something that you may have taken for granted for years.

Now notice how it feels for you. 

So many parents in our classes tell us that when they do this they realize how relaxing it is, how enjoyable it is for them.

And your baby loves having your attention with them too. You’ll find that they will play for much longer than if you were sitting next to them on your phone. 


So how can we go into 2022 with enjoyment AND our baby’s well being at the top of our list?

Find 3 minutes a day to let your baby lead you in their exploration.


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