Want 4 easy ways to engage your baby in music?

Do you want a meaningful and lucrative business working with caregivers and babies?

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The Baby in Tune Training provides you with everything you need to transform the lives of caregivers and babies and have a successful business doing the work you love.

What is Baby in Tune?

Baby in Tune is a program that teaches caregivers how to connect to their baby and build a secure and joyful attachment. This unique curriculum, which combines tools from music therapy and concepts and research from attachment theory, provides parents with practical tools to use at home, and a transformative experience in class that helps them build confidence as a parent and create a community that will support them through their journey.

Who is the Baby in Tune Training for?

  • Teachers, doulas and therapists who work with caregivers and babies and want to expand their offerings and grow their business.
  • Practitioners starting their business who need a kickstart.

What will I learn in the Baby in Tune Training?

  • A comprehensive curriculum that provides you with a step-by-step lesson plan for each session.
  • How to teach science-based methods for soothing, developing a language of play, encouraging language, getting more sleep, and increasing bonding.
  • Developmental theories from psychology, particularly attachment theory.
  • How to structure a session that is therapeutic, educational and fun for your clients.
  • Common parenting challenges that arise and therapeutic interventions to help them overcome overwhelm and feel more confident in their parenting.
  • Songs to use for every goal – therapeutic, educational, soothing, and play.


  • How to start a business for caregivers and babies.
  • How to attract your ideal customer.
  • How to grow a community that will have caregivers recommending your service to others and families returning with each new baby.

What will I receive from the Training?

  • 12 CMTE Credits! (if you are a music therapist)
  • A unique offering that separates and elevates you from competition.
  • The potential and legitimacy to charge a premium price on classes. 
  • Recognition and credibility in the fields of parenting and infant music classes.
  • Web exposure to a wide audience.
  • The ability and credibility to provide lectures in your area.
  • Eligibility to use the Baby in Tune curriculum, music, name and logo for 3 years.
  • Access to Vered for supervision and training.
  • The opportunity to run your own small business.
  • A community of talented, sensitive, similarly minded instructors.

How Long is the Training?

5 weeks, meeting once a week on Zoom for two hours (10 hours all together)

How Do I Get Started?

  •  Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with additional information.

  • In the meantime, follow us on Instragram and TikTok to learn more about BIT and what we’re all about! We’re excited to sing with you soon!

Music for Parents. And babies Love it Too.