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“After each class, you are left with a greater appreciation of the power of music, and as though you know just a few more tricks on how to be an awesome parent.”




“It’s not just a music class but a beautiful experience of sharing with a community about the challenges and joys of raising little ones. My son Raynor adores [Vered’s] album to the point where we play it at least 3 times a day. I’m so glad we discovered Vered!”


Neve Campbell

“Vered’s music hands-down helped get me through the newborn phase when comforting the mother is just as important as the baby! Vered is also known for her “Baby In Tune” classes where parent and baby can learn to use music to increase bonding and even develop routines.”

Mommy Poppins 

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New Jersey

Sundays Jan 14 - Mar 17 10:00am 0-36 months Montclair Vered Register Online
Tuesday Jan 23 - Apr 2 10:15am 0-8 months Montclair Baby Vered Click to Register
Tuesdays Jan 23 - Apr 2 9:15am 9-24 months Montclair Baby Vered Click to Register
Wednesday Feb 28 - May 2 12:00pm 0-8 months Tenafly- Ave Lumi Vered Register Online
Wednesday Feb 7 - Apr 24 10:00am 0-8 months Maplewood Vered Register Online


Monday Feb 5 - Apr 15 4:00pm 8-30 months Carroll Gardens Vered Register Online
Monday Mar 11 - May 20 11:00am 0-8 months Brooklyn Heights Vered Register Online

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Learn how to connect with you baby in utero while starting to find your mama tribe. Research shows that your fetus will remember music that you sing during pregnancy. Not only that, babies whose parents sung to them in utero cried less, were less fussy, and had less colic. Come start to build your repertoire and find your own inner voice.
0-7 months
Bond with your baby and with other parents. Learn how to use music to establish routine, soothe, and communicate with your baby. We will sing songs that keep your baby stretching, swaying and smiling. There is a strong element of therapy for the parent through music and discussion.
8-30 months
An introduction to rhythm and play with age-appropriate games. There is a strong element of therapy for the parent through music and discussion. Puppets, props, drums, and instruments get involved. These classes focus on language, movement, and getting to know your baby through play.