Vacation!! With kids and without

The end of this summer has been – complicated. While the country was revealing it’s ugliest faces I was away in my semi-homeland Israel. These days there are too many similarities between the two states.

I came for a long vacation with the kids. My husband was with us for the first half and I stayed on for another two weeks. The first two weeks were a wonderful. A whirlwind of catching up with friends and family, going to the beach, going out a night, spending time with the grandparents.

The best parts were when my husband and I got to get away and spend a night without the kids. After a year of not having the grandparents on both sides near us, we usually take advantage during the summer and leave the kids for one night with each unit.

My husband and I desperately needed to reconnect. I talk all about it in episode 8 of my vlog:

Episode 8 – Vaca and Sex

But then he left and I was left with the three kids, no routine, no camp, and a way too early wake up for me. So I wasn’t the most patient mama during that time.

It made me think alot about what vacation really is and what we can expect it to be when we have the kids with us. I talk about that in my last vlog:

Episode 9 – Vaca and kids

I’m not complaining. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to come here and be with family and friends and relax from work. But like everything else with kids its a mixed bag. I love experiencing the beach through their eyes. I love seeing them with the grandparents and seeing how loving the grandparents are to them, I love playing with them without thinking about work. But I also cherish my own time. And without it I can be slightly less pleasant.

Well, It’s over now. Back to school and to work. And life goes on.