Want 4 easy ways to engage your baby in music?

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Baby in Tune classes different from others?

We know you. We actually ARE you. Moms who want to make life easier and more fun with our babies. Our class gives you musical tools that ACTUALLY WORK to take home and use. Soothing, feeling more present, feeling like you know what the hell you are doing, and best of all – finding your best mom friend through our awesome community. And have you heard the music!? It’s NOT annoying baby music. It’s original and frankly really enjoyable to listen to (biased? Nah.).  

What does it mean to “host” a Baby in Tune group?


It means you are a connector and you love bringing people together to support each other. You gather the families, you provide the space (we don’t need much– your home or a common room) and you get to skip the commute. And the best part? You get the class for FREE. Interested? Email us to get the skinny at info@babyintune.com

We love our hosts and treat them well! Check out this video on hosting. 

Can I come check it out before I commit?


Yes! Come join us for a free trial. Pick a time and hood that works for you and let us know you’re interested. If you decide to stay (we hope you do!) you will be charged for the trial class as part of the package. Only caveat – if a class fills up with registrants we may not have room for trials or space to continue past the trial. 

What if I can’t make all 10 classes?


No problem! You can attend up to two make up classes during the session you are taking. Contact us at info@babyintune.com so we can help you get sorted with a time and location for your make up or with any other questions.

Do you offer remote classes?


Yes! COVID has changed everything! We now have classes on Zoom for anyone anywhere to join, and we offer in-person classes for those in the NY area

What do I get when I sign up for the class?


Glad you asked. You get a free digital download of Vered’s award winning album Good Morning My Love and all supporting material for the class, plus a few goodies here and there.

Do you offer twin discounts?


Sure do! The discount for the second is 50% off.

What if my baby is on the cusp age for two different groups (e.g., 6 months old)?


If you are on the cusp we believe it is best to go with the younger group. The reason is that the first class gives you a foundation for all the stuff we teach – building connection, soothing, setting routine. That’s important stuff we want you to learn. Plus, the older class can be overstimulating for the little ones.

What is the difference between the younger class and the older one?


It’s huge. The younger group of classes is about helping you get set up with your baby. It’s about feeling confident when you soothe, knowing how to set your routine, and learning how to have fun with your baby. It is also about supporting each other and finding out that you are not alone. It’s just plain old tough in those first months and we’re here for you! The older section of our classes involves instruments, props, puppets, drums, and more. It’s about language, movement, rhythm, and getting to know your baby through play. 

Can my partner join?


Hell yes! We love having partners together connecting as a family in class. It makes it that much easier to work on all the skills together at home.

Can the nanny/grandmother/neighbor/babysitter bring my baby?


Yup. Our classes tend to mostly consist of parents but we love having nannies and other caregivers as well. They often add an experienced perspective to the conversation that we all need.

Music for Parents. And babies Love it Too.