6 fresh music activities to do with your baby

Dear Tunester,

today you’re going to get six fresh baby music activities. Let’s do this!

If someone asked you – 

How important is music in your day to day life with your baby, which of these would you answer?

  1. Its what gets me through the day.
  2. Once in a while I’ll put something on but I’m not a singer.
  3. I would love to do more, I just need to know how and what.
  4. Music? I totally forgot about that.

What was your answer? Email me and let me know!

Last year I put this survey out into the ether and 1368 parents answered it. I found out something amazing.


44% of you said its what gets you through the day!

WOW! (You can check out the graph at the end of the post to see the exact breakdown.)

I guess we’re on to something with Baby in Tune.

33% of you said you’d love to do more but need to know HOW and WHAT.

And that’s what I’m here for, my friend.


Today you’re going to get some new HOWs and WHATs to do with your baby. 


You may be stuck at home because of Covid or simply hiding from the cold. Whatever the reason, you probably need some fresh activities to do ASAP. So let’s do this.


6 fresh music activities to do with your baby TODAY:


Pre talkers:

Activity #1 – BODY LOVE

Touch your baby’s body parts and sing a simple song about them. You can use a melody that exists or come up with your own. Doesn’t have to win a Grammy!

For instance, if you want to use a melody that exists – for instance, to the tune of “This Land is Your Land,” – I love your belly, I love your nose, I love your eyes, I love your thighs…”

Make sure you touch and squeeze each part you’re singing about.

Want to see a Body Love song I just wrote with my daughter? Find it on my Instagram page.


Activity #2 – BABY LANGUAGE

Sing a song using only ta ta ta or ba ba ba. Use a melody from an existing song or make one up! Those of you who take my classes know that we always do a song like this after doing rhythm with the shakers.

As you sing this song, bounce your baby to the rhythm. You’ll see their delight in hearing their own sounds in sync with your rhythm.


Activity #3 – MODERN DANCER

Put on a song that you love and that makes you feel strong emotions. You know what I mean, that song from highschool or the one that always makes you cry a little, not because you’re sad, but because it brings out all the feels.

Lie down next to your baby and raise your arms and legs, and move them to the music so your baby can watch you. Imagine you’re a modern dancer in a show. Let your baby see your legs up, your feet rolling around, your hands in the air!


Talkers and Walkers:


Activity #1 – LEAVE THE BLANKS

Sing a song that your baby knows and leave out words every now and then for them to fill in. For instance – “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me ____”.

Or, even better, make up a song by switching off lines. Your baby sings a line they make up and then you sing a line. This will probably be easier for your baby to do than you think. Doesn’t have to be complicated! A two word line is all you need.



Put on a fun song and move around as if you are an Alvin Ailey dancer. As my daughter says, think of it as “gymnastics and ballet put together.” Go wild! Let your body lead. And then – as your baby starts to pick up on it, let your baby lead.

Here’s some inspiration. I love this video of professional dancers following their baby’s lead.


Activity #3 – FREEZE DANCE

Who says we can only do this at parties? Make the party happen in your home! It’s so easy these days with music playing from our phones. Play a song your baby loves and teach them how to stop every time the music stops. Your baby will LOVE this. I guarantee it.


Let’s get back to the stats.


77% of you said that music is VERY IMPORTANT to your day to day life with your baby!

That’s great news. Now all you need to do is experiment with these baby music activities and keep the music flowing.

For even more ideas – come join us in class or check out our online class. You can also check out this post which has a bunch of other ideas.

Do you have a friend who’s pulling her hair out right about now and needs some fresh activity ideas to do with her baby? Send her this post and tell her to sign up for more.