All I Want

Mother’s day is around the corner. What would I like for my present? Sleep wrapped up in a bow.
I knew going into this that sleep wouldn’t look pretty. Three kids, two grownups, 2 bedrooms. So this is how sleep looks in our home at the moment. All of us but one 6 month old in a room together. I am giving her a week. After that she better be sleeping like a baby. That sounds awful. She better be sleeping like a cat on a sunny window sill.
So I offer you a song to get through the day if you are going through anything like this with me. My thought is that if we all sing it together with feeling the babies of the world will get the message. Sing it like you mean it people!
Go HERE for the free download.
Happy mother’s day. We are 6 days away from being promised that nap, massage, pedicure. Let’s skip the brunch.

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