Soothe your fussy baby with these 4 steps

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How the soothing method can help you:

  • You’ll feel more confident in your ability to soothe your baby anywhere, anytime

  • You and your baby will feel in SYNC with each other

  • You will get more sleep!

  • You’ll feel more awake and present for the moments that count

  • You will feel more connected to your baby

Hi, I’m Vered.

I’m a music therapist, psychotherapist and mom of 3. I’ve helped over 1000 parents feel more connected to their baby, more confident in their parenting, and get more sleep.

But I didn’t know how to do this stuff right off the bat with my own kids. When my eldest was a baby I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and bored. I spent much of my day just trying to calm us both.

For me, music was a way in to motherhood. I learned how to soothe, play with, enrich and just have more fun with my baby using music.

Most of all, I learned how to speak HIS language.

Now my mission is to help others connect to their baby through music.. - All Rights Reserved