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The Live Show

“In concert Vered and her band, the ‘Babes’, are as charming as a newborn’s first smile. Just about as memorable too.”

Jeff Bogle, RedTricycle

Vered and the Babes consists of the amazing Rob Jost on bass and french horn, and Matt Hilgenberg on trumpet and percussion. Together they create harmonies and beats reminiscent of a doo-wop band. The songs have the kids jumping, cooking, and shaking while their parents are smiling and sometimes even shading a tear. They have performed at Summer Stage Kids, Fort Greene Park, South Street Seaport, Denver Library, and many more.

Upcoming Shows

Vered and the Babes CD Release Party! 05/20/2018 Old Stone House Playground, Park Slope 11:00am Map
Vered and the Babes 08/08/2018 Fort Greene Park 10:00am Map
Vered and Rob 08/09/2018 Bethleham PA, PBS Children's Series 10:00am Map
Vered and the Babes 08/17/2017 Kidchella, Smith Memorial Playground, Philly 11:00am Map