in this free workshop you will learn:


How YOUR state of mind can directly affect your baby’s sleep experience 

And how to make that imortant shift so you can sleep better TONIGHT


How to soothe your baby when the pacifier and swaddle fail

Spoiler – it has to do with tuning in to your baby’s rhythm


How to get to the point where your baby can be put to sleep by anyone, anywhere

Yes. Even grandpa. It can happen!

You’re tired

I know. I’ve been there. 

You need sleep and you need to feel more peaceful with your baby.

You’ve tried so many different techniques. You’ve read the blogs, The books, have asked all of your friends.

Nothing seems to work. There is so much misinformation out there. So much confusion about how to SOOTHE a baby.

You need a reliable technique that actually works. You want to start ENJOYING your baby instead of chasing naps.

Join me to find the key to soothing your baby. It can help you BOTH get more sleep, feel more joyful together, and strengthen your bond.

“I have learned so much about soothing my baby from Vered

We had a particularly hard week of teething when my son only wanted to be held, ALL the time. During the moments when I couldn’t hold him and he was inconsolable, using the soothing song was the only thing that would calm him down

If I had to be out of sight for a moment to get something from another room, the sound of my voice would immediately calm him even though he wasn’t being held. 

It is something that has continued to help us, on his first airplane trip, during school drop off for his older sister, and in the grocery store. Now my husband uses the techniques as well!”

– Sarah Mom of Remy

Bedtime for Otis was the time of day I didn’t look forward to. I wasn’t sure what would work and if he would go down easily. I also felt very task oriented and wasn’t really connecting with him during the process.

After taking Vered’s class I have a completely different experience with bedtime. It is actually the time I most look forward to now

We sing a lullaby I love and he seems to love too. He is used to it and starts to yawn when I start singing it. Best of all it is a time I feel very connected to him. 

– Claire mom of Otis

This workshop is a must attend If…

You wan to learn soothing techniques that actually work and will soothe you and your baby.

You want to make your bedtime routine more peaceful and less chaotic.

You want to have more moments of feeling fully present with your baby.

You want to use music with your baby but don’t feel musical or know what to do.

A personal invitation from Vered...

Hi there. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and 3 kids. I help new parents overcome exhaustion, boredom and frustration with their baby and achieve connection, peace, and joy through music.


I have helped more than 1000 parents feel more connected to their baby, learn valuable soothing techniques and feel more confident and joyful in their parenting. 


This free workshop It is the culmination of my education (dual master’s degrees including an M.S. in Music Therapy and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology) and 10 years working with parents and babies.


Without it you will continue to spend hours searching for ways to engage and soothe your baby and will try techniques that don’t work or feel right leaving you even more exhausted and frustrated.


With it you will eliminate all the guesswork and will not have to waste time and money on stuff that just doesn’t work.


If you are committed to getting more sleep and feeling more peaceful and joyful with your baby, click here to choose a time that works best for you. - All Rights Reserved