The Kickstarter Campaign is Launched!

You guys probably know that making an album costs a ridiculous amount of money. Truly ridiculous. But it makes sense – I like to work with the best of the best and bring my songs to life in the most beautiful way I can imagine. On this album I am working with a Grammy winning producer named Dean Jones, the Babes, Jon Samson, Saul McWilliams, and other amazing musicians and technicians. And that can get costly.
The good news is that these days musicians don’t have to wait for a label to come along and show interest. I did plenty of that when I was making music for adults. Now, instead of waiting for luck to shine upon us we can go directly to the people who will actually be enjoying our creation and ask them to support the album in the making. Instead of buying the CD when it comes out, we ask that you buy it while it is still being made in anticipation of the release.
The other awesome thing about crowdfunding through a site like kickstarter is that it is a great way to get the word out to people who don’t know my music and my mission. I put alot of work into making a video that explains what I do in the best way I could.
So now it is up to you – If you can pledge financial support, that would be awesome. But regardless, what I am also asking is that you forward the link to this video to friends and family members who you think would enjoy the album I am making and my mission to make music that both parents and babies will enjoy and appreciate and will bring them together.
Thanks guys. I can’t wait to be stuffing all the CDs into envelopes and sending them off to you.
love v

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