I started a Vlog!!!!

For those of you who are wondering what a vlog is, it is a blog on video. Until now I have been keeping this blog, although not as regularly as I would have liked, where I have been writing impressions from my work with parents and babies and have been bringing in articles or things I find interesting. Now I am taking it to a new level. And I have to say, it both terrifies and excites me.

We live in a time where we are used to seeing public figures revealed through video, not just text. We have become accustomed to seeing not only the polished and edited version of someone but the more raw, day to day version as well. A static frame can present a moment that we have chosen and curated. A moving frame or video discloses alot more. Words can’t be chosen as obsessively. Awkward movements are broadcast in all their glory.

As someone who is a mix of introvert and extrovert, leaning more toward introvert, this is a daunting endeavor. But one that intrigues me nonetheless.To make matters worse, I will be doing alot of talking into the camera which is going to feel silly. But I will be imagining you all as I do so. (And if you subscribe that will help me alot in knowing that you are actually listening – plug!)

Not to say that I will be taking you with me everywhere I go in my day as many vloggers do. But I will be taking you with me to groups with parents and babies, to recordings, and other experiences I think you would be interested in hearing about.

The concept is intimidating and I imagine that for a while I will be pretty awkward in these. Also, I am quite conflicted about how much of my personal life I will show you – kids, husband etc. For now I will try to keep the lens only on my professional life.

So here it is – my first VLOG!!

My first vlog entry

Feel free to leave a comment on the vlog letting me know what you think. It is in its very first days like a baby so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.