3 Holiday Music Activities to do With Your Baby

Dear Tunester,


Today I’m going to give you 3 holiday music activities to do with your baby including a brand new ditty and a holiday playlist! Let’s do this.


When you look back on your favorite holiday memories, what was going on? Where were you? Were you eating? What were you doing? Who were you with? 


When we ask this question in class we often get the same answer. You tell us that many of the memories revolve around MUSIC – Listening in the kitchen, singing in church or around the tree, dancing at a holiday party, or pulling out the ol’ Christmas CDs.


Here’s why – music brings us TOGETHER. The rhythm makes us feel in sync with each other and melody makes us feel emotionally aligned. 


Those who have taken our classes know that we use both of these elements, rhythm and melody, in order to soothe your baby.


Now that YOU are the parents you are also the tradition makers for your kids. It’s your job to bring in the music and singing that will stay in your kids’ memories and make the holiday season memorable.


Ok so now let’s get to it.


3 Holiday Music Activities To Do With Your Baby


Try this little ditty

When my babies were babies, I didn’t sleep either. Not one of them were good sleepers. But somehow no matter how crappy the night went, by morning, I forgave them completely (my song Forgive is all about that.)

I remember the feeling of going to get them from the crib in the morning. It kind of felt like I was a kid runing to discover a present. And I realized that every day felt a little bit like Christmas morning. 


I wrote this little ditty for you this holiday season. I hope you and your baby love it.

Make a Christmas tune your own.

We’ve all heard songs like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer so many times we barely register them playing in CVS. That’s exactly why they’re a great melody to use for your holiday ditties at home. 


This season, see if you can take some of those melodies and make them your own. This will not only be fun but I assure you it will also help your baby be more cooperative. 


For starters, let’s try the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Because it is a repetitive melody, it’s perfect for swapping in your own words. Here’s an example of what I mean:


Now let’s go and change your diaper

Now let’s go and change your diaper

Now let’s go and change your diaper

And you’ll be so clean.

Or – cus you’re stinky but sweet. Or whatever!


Or to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Time for bath 

Time for bath

Let’s get in the tub

Let’s take off your dirty clothes

And give you a good scrub


Most important – Unleash your silly side!


It’s Time to Dance!

You know I love introducing you to the Kindie music out there that you may not know and that I really believe you’ll love. AND I believe wholeheartedly that dancing can get you through your toughest moments with your baby.


So here’s a playlist of songs I love for this season. I’m imagining you putting it on and dancing around the house  with your babe. The image is making me smile 🙂 


(I’m also imagining you a minute later with a fussy baby that won’t go to sleep. I know. There’s no perfect.)

You can find the playlist HERE.


So dear twinkly Tunesters, let’s start filling your home with some music this season. Let’s start making traditions your baby will remember forever.


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