Happiness in a Minute

My groups have been more intense lately. In the last few, weeks as a result of world events, I have entered rooms where parents are already teared up, feeling overwhelmed, seeking community and connection with others.

Normally in my groups the discussions revolve around challenging and joyful moments parents have had with their babies. We sing about them and talk about them and find release together. But lately I’ve felt the need to shift the conversation toward gratefulness.

Researchers in psychology provide studies showing that if we say or write down something we are grateful for every day we will feel happier. Similarly if we recount a wonderful moment daily we will feel a long term improvement in mood as well.

The parents I work with are often already feeling somewhat overwhelmed. Hormones are raging and causing unpredictable mood swings and the extreme shift in day to day tasks and overall sense of identity can be profound.

So why not use a simple tool that science has given us?

That and music of course. So many of my group members have said that they are grateful for music during difficult times.

Me too.

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