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What's different about Baby in Tune classes?

We know you. We actually ARE you. Moms who want to make life easier and more fun with our babies. Our class gives you musical tools that ACTUALLY WORK to take home and use. Soothing, feeling more present, feeling like you know what the hell you are doing, and best of all – finding your best mom friend through our awesome community. And have you heard the music!? It’s original and frankly really enjoyable to listen to (biased? Nah.). 

Hi, I’m Vered.

I’m a music therapist, psychotherapist and mom of 3. I’ve helped over 1000 parents feel more connected to their baby, more confident in their parenting, and get more sleep.

But I didn’t know how to do this stuff right off the bat with my own kids. When my eldest was a baby I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and bored. I spent much of my day just trying to calm us both.

For me, music was a way in to motherhood. I learned how to soothe, play with, enrich and just have more fun with my baby using music.

Most of all, I learned how to speak HIS language.

Now my mission is to help others connect to their baby through music..

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