Baby in Tune is Born!!

Ladies and gentleman I would like to introduce my new business name and my new website! I have been working on this for a while, plugging away late at night after the kids are asleep. I am so excited that it is ready to be unveiled. Here are some of the new develpments:
1. Videos! I put a bunch on this site and there will be more added periodically. There is a beautiful video for Good Morning My Love coming down the pipeline so stay tuned…
2. Michelle is on the workshop schedule and is teaching classes. You can read about her and schedule a class with her soon. She is wonderful!
3. My Facebook, Twitter and Youtube names will all be changing to Babyintune. I will let you know as that happens.
4. I have a blog!! I will be adding posts as regularly as possible, about music, psychology, my own process, and whatever I think you might be interested in hearing about.
5. I will very soon be launching a kickstarter for my new album!!!

My business is officially 3 years old. I am really amazed at how far it has come thanks to you all.
Love Vered

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