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Stuff I Like

Stuff I Like


None of these companies are paying me to say this, it is just stuff that I like and use regularly.
(But some are companies of family and friends)
This gets updated every now and then with my latest loves.

Ambitious Kitchen – I am not a chef. But for some reason I really like this blog. I have made a bunch of the desserts and some of the meals and they come out great. Not too complicated.

YogaGlo – This is my go-to when I don’t have time to get out of the house to work out which is, well, always. I like that I can choose the duration of class and how hard I want to work.

Farmigo – This is actually my brother’s company but it is totally awesome. I get fresh produce sent directly from the farms to my apt and I don’t have to commit to a certain amount of time or quantity. But you do need to have a pick up place with at least 10 others.

Zulily – I don’t get out much to shop so it is nice to have good deals come to my inbox. I only let myself buy stuff that I am in need of – like PJs for the boys at the moment.

YogaMerav – She is actually my sister in law but I love her classes. She also has some great videos that can help with sleep and anxiety.

TeenyTinyFoodie – A great food blog for tots by a woman who took some workshops with me and is now a friend.

Wild Kratts – It is so hard to find something for my boys to watch that I approve of. This one is top of my list.

OWTK – Dad blog written by Jeff Bogle. He is honest, genuine, and a kindie music appreciator.

Kids Music I Like:
I get asked this all the time so figured I would consolidate some stuff. But I am always posting new videos and music I think is great for families on my Facebook page – VeredMusic, so that is the best place to look.

CocreativeMusic – Jon produced my first CD and makes great music for kids. He is also a fellow music therapist and his sessions with kids are highly recommended. I send my kids to him when I can.

DogOnFleas – Dean Jones produced my second album. His music reminds me of a Paul Simon album for kids. I really can’t say a better compliment than that.

ElizabethMitchell – Who doesn’t love a soothing voice paired with old tunes we remember from our own childhood?

MilzTrills – Amelia’s music is fun and creative and she is a great performer.

Lesley Kernochan – I love Lesley’s sweet and funny songs. She is quirky and old-timey. Kind of like me.

Joanie Leeds – Joanie’s music is witty and smart and she is a soulful singer.

OkeeDokeeBrothers – Kind of like the Wild Kratt Brothers of kids music with humor and twang.

ThePopUps – Jacob and Jason are just cute with all their shenanigans.

Lori Henriquez – Jazzy and smooth. I like her style.

GustaferYellowgold – Morgan incorporates his own drawings with his beatles-esque music.

Todd Mchatton – Also with a Beatles-y flare. Really nice songs.