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My wife and I love this album. We got it as a gift when our daughter turned five months old and it has been nonstop pleasure for us ever since. Phrases like “mama leave me be but don’t leave me” have entered our daily lexicon and I wake up every morning to my wife singing “good morning my love!” to our daughter. We intend to give it as a gift to many more couples over time!


Thank you so much for the incredible experience of being in your class. As a new mom, so many of the things I was feeling were scary and overwhelming. Your songs and your words made me feel every week that they were not only normal and OK, but also a very special part of being a mom. The songs give me the opportunity to pause occasionally and recognize how magical my baby is, and how incredible a gift.


Thank you so much for the wonderful class. This is such a tender time for me (and all the Moms) and I really appreciated how supported I felt by your warm, thoughtful facilitation. It was also super helpful to get your expert thoughts and to hear from the other Moms too about shared experiences. Aaron and I both love your music.


From the moment I greet Julia each morning to our playtime and meal time and bathtime, right up until our last cuddle each evening, your music is in my head (and often coming out of my mouth, albeit off key! )
I hope my daughter will sing your songs to HER children some day. They are timeless and very special.


My husband and I have been so incredibly touched by the magical, sweet, honest and funny lyrics in your songs. No matter how grown my son becomes over the years, I will always look back on this time with incredibly fond and sweet memories of listening to your music.


Vered’s CD is the soundtrack to my son’s first year. We got it as a present when he was born, and have been listening to it ever since. I give it to every one of my friends when they have a baby. It truly enables the bonding experience to happen. Each song is like a love song to your baby.